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Yvette was born during the early years of the earth,during a time that Witches were as prevalent as any other creature on the earth. Every being like her each had special gifts, representations, they called it, of God's incredible power.

Although the exact date is impossible to calculate, and she is unsure of her exact age due to the debate between science and religion of the exact age of the earth, she does know that she was born sometime in the spring, in unclaimed territory that would now be modern day Turkey. Yvette was an only child, as it was extremely rare for a Witch to have siblings, and if they did, usually, only one of the siblings had any powers.

When she was around six years out, war broke out among the different species in the village that she lived in. Everyone wanted ultimate power, control, for one species and one individual to rule over all.

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In her kitten form, Yvette is a small dark orange tabby with a slender frame and long, fur. Her eyes are yellow green and sit at a slight angle on her face. She has a medium tone pink nose, and her tail, muzzle, and paws are all tipped in white. On her left hind leg, the white fur goes three quarters of the way up.

Yvette was killed when she was sixteen, and therefore that is the form that she takes whenever she sheds her Kitten one. In her Witch form, she has bright green eyes with the tiniest hint of yellow undertone to them, and honey brown hair the reaches to her hips in light waves. She often kept her hair pulled back in a bun and decorated it with flowers, though in modern time she typically wears it down. Her face was exceptional- dainty, aristocratic upturned nose, smooth skin and wide eyes with bow shaped lips.

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Anesa Lacevic

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