Marlene is the mother of Jasper Whitlock and the late Josette Whitlock.


Early Life Edit

A year after the Civil War ended, the Whitlock family was starving, and still deep in mourning for their lost son. She had gone out to try and buy some food for them when she ran into a thirsty nomad. He attacked her, but was simply lazy and didn't kill her. She woke three days later a vampire. Shortly after, she made the decision to leave Houston, too afraid to check up on her family for fear she would kill them, and set off. She has traveled the country for over a century, restless and uneasy, unable to settle down.

Roleplay HistoryEdit

Marlene met her son Jasper again at the old house in Texas and reunited with him. Though she did not much care for the thought of turning on the Volturi -- too dangererous -- she agreed for the sake of her son.

Marlene left the rebellion once she felt they could get on without her and is once again traveling abroad.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She's petite. Her hair is honey blonde, the same shade as Jasper's, and falls down her back in loose ringlets, but she usually wears it braided.


Marlene is old-fashioned in her ideals, and kind. She's also very prideful. She has a soft spot for children.



Jasper is her son. For over a century she believed him to be dead and beyond her reach, so she has been overjoyed to find him again.


She was close to her daughter when they were human, but unfortunately never did get the chance to reconcile with her, as Josette was killed before learning of her mother's being changed.


She was close to this daughter as she was to all her children when she was human. She has not met her yet as a vampire.

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