Garrett is a vampire who was turned during Revolutionary War times.


Early Life Edit

Garrett was born in the mid-1700s during American Revolution]], in New England. Garrett was a hotheaded patriot who willingly fought for the colonies' right to self-govern. He was a true believer in the American dream.

He was transformed around the 1780s, during the war. The war's massive death toll gave local vampires the opportunity to feast frequently, Garrett was transformed by accident in the aftermath of the battle. Garrett was with an isolated group of ten soldiers when a vampire attacked them, knocking him unconscious at the beginning of the attack. The vampire, after draining the other nine soldiers, was sated enough and he didn't drink much of Garrett's blood. Thinking that Garrett was dead, the vampire ran afterwards. He woke up three days later as a fully-fledged vampire. Garrett is always curious and willing to investigate a mystery, and after his transformation he strove to understand what had happened to him.

Sometime after his transformation, he met Carlisle Cullen. Though he is not a vegetarian, he is among Carlisle's closest friends. He also came across and befriended a nomadic couple during his travels, Makenna and Charles. He was also present in every American battle, once came close to biting Custer, but the Indians killed him before Garrett had the chance.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Garrett was described as being 6'2" tall with a lanky build. He wears his long, sandy-coloured hair tied back with a leather thong. His eyes have deep ruby colors. When he is thirsty, his eyes turn the darkest shade of black. His skin sparkles like diamonds upon exposure to sunlight.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Garrett is shown to be very amiable, personable and easily interacts with others. Garrett is apparently very adventurous and very curious. He never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Also, he is hot-headed, but very brave and strongly believes in free will. He is also a very independent character.

His relentless curiosity about the unknown was developed from his quest to understand his new vampire side.



Garrett and Kate have a very playful relationship. They bonded through flirtations and jokes about the animal blood diet in Breaking Dawn. He is completely in love with her.

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