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Early LifeEdit

Euphrasie is the result of a sexual relationship between Aro, the leader of the Volturi, and a human woman named Avery, with whom he had an unknown kind of contract. 

She was born on the first of February, 2014, in the evening. Her mother died immediately after her birth, and since then, she had been mostly raised by her aunt Asami. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a full grown hybrid, Euphrasie has extremely dense, thick curly black hair that reaches just above the center of her back. It has the tendency to be unruly and frizzes occasionally, but she has taught herself some tricks to be able to make it look sleek and extremely attractive. 

Her eyes are a shockingly bright shade of blue, though they turn an odd shade of purple if she has recently hunted, due to the color of the blood mixing with the pigment in her irises. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Due to the rapid growth that she experiences as a hybrid, even at a very young, Euphrasie understood things that would be incomprehensible to a child her age. She is very inquisitive, and she always asks a billion questions before she forms her own opinion on a subject. She is also very perceptive, seeing through her own father's manipulative ways and to his true cruelty when she learned of the torture and capture of two vampires that had since left the coven. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Euphrasie has the ability to predict the feature. However, like all with a similar ability, it is impossible for her to see the absolute future. When a vision occurs, it consumes all of her mind, and she is unable to pull herself out of the vision until she has drawn out a vision medium for what she has seen. 



Though she first adored her father, and strained to get his attention, she soon came to realize the corruption of the coven that she had been born into. She saw through her father's facade, and to the manipulation lying underneath his cheery disposition. 


-Though she never met her mother after her birth, it is clear that she misses, admires, and loves her late mother. She often asks her father about her mother, and is always disheartened when he refuses to answer. 






-Euphrasie came acquainted with Alec after her father, Aro, had incidently let her know about the two former members that had been taken captive. She went down to the dungeons to meet him, and offerered her assistance to help heal his injuries. She was also the one who went to see how his mate was, though she was unable to give him a full answer, out of the fear that she would damage him more than he already was. 

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