Note: this image is unable to be completely accurate for her description. Her eyes are a darker gray and her hair is slightly darker.

Danielle is a mute girl who lives in Forks.


Early Life

She was born in Port Angeles in 1995. Her life was uneventful until age 9, when she was playing out in the yard and was attacked by a large black Labrador who had seemingly been provoked by something. It ripped at her throat, and after the first scream, she was unable to make a sound. Luckily, it was enough to bring her parents and a couple other neighbors running. One of the neighbors shot the dog, killing it almost instantly, and her parents took her to the hospital. Upon arriving there, the doctors were able to determine that she would never speak again.

Danielle went through a phase of depression at age 10, mostly due to her physical appearance. Her parents ended up moving her to Forks, deciding that she might do better in a small and quiet community. She started wearing a scarf at all times in order to hide her throat. She managed to get through it and get used to being mute.

She's grown up in Forks since then. She has vague suspicions about the Cullen family, because she senses there's something not quite right about them, but the suspicion hasn't resolved itself into a full-blown realization yet.

Roleplay History:Edit

She met a girl named Charlie outside the hospital who was suffering from cancer, and easily befriended her. She was thrilled when she found out Charlie is in remission, and they have been to the mall once and texted several times. She also befriended Aurelie, a vampire, though she has no clue what she is.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has long straight dark brown hair, with a blue streak running through it. Her eyes are almost too large for her face, a stormy, piercing gray. She's thin and of average height. She usually has a scarf on, so this is covered, but her throat has thick scars wrapping around the front of it from an incident when she was nine. She is mute.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She tends to be somewhat defensive when meeting strangers, but around people she's come to know she is sweet. She has a nervous habit of fiddling with her scarf or her hair.



Though she hasn't known Charlie more than a month or so, she considers this girl to be her best friend.

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