Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Corinne was born in the first years of earth when it was still a relatively new place. She was born a Witch and was linked to six others of her kind by the prophecy that bound them - Yvette, Jinx, Rhodri, Brina, Nanael, and Caoidme.

Overall, Corinne had a very happy and pleasant life as a human despite the wars that had broken out amongst her kind and others. But she had one great sin, a mortal sin - gluttony. In the end, this was what she was killed for, and she was reincarnated into her kitten form, in which she would spend years wandering until her Witch was born - Aurelie Deveraux. Even when Aurelie was born, she did not meet her for thousands of years.

Role Play History Edit

She finally met her Witch around the same time the others met theirs. She has not formed a very close bond with her Witch, however, and feels as if she is not particularly wanted, but she knows she would give her life in an instant to protect Aurelie.

Appearance Edit

When in her kitten form, Corinne is a medium-sized, fluffy calico that is mostly red in color variation. She has a large patch of white on her chest and bits of white stripes on her tail. She has amber eyes.

In her human form, she remains at the same age she was when killed, and she has dark red hair that falls just past halfway down her back, with very pretty blue eyes. She prefers to wear her hair down.

Personality Edit

Corinne is considered one of the most rational of the guardian kittens. She has a rather sarcastic sense of humor and tend to be quieter than the others. She doesn't make a fool out of herself like some of them sometimes do. All she wants is to be accepted by her Witch, and she will be content.

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