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Early Life Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Currently, she has the appearance of a pretty, but sick girl with a heart-shaped/round face, smooth cheekbones with a forehead that is almost too wide, a small, upturned nose, small hands and normal sized feet, with a lower lip that is thicker than her top. Her eyes are a silver-gray color that others have often implied as striking. As her hair has only had a few months to grow out after her chemotherapy, it is currently an inch or so above shoulder length, light brown in color, with a slight wave to it. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Charlie has a very loving, willful, and optimistic personality. Despite her medical conditions, and the trials that she has gone through in her life, she is always willing to put someone's needs before her own. She values the lives of others above her own, and she would sacrifice her own in order to save anothers. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit







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