Cecily is a vampire who participated in the capture and torture of Alec and Saoirse in the 2014 Rebellion.


Early Life Edit

She was born in England to 1112. Her human life was actually very normal, without any trauma occurring until she was 14. She was very manipulative as a child and skilled in finding people's weaknesses, in order to get what she wanted. However, when she was fourteen, her father killed her mother. He was starting for her as well when she (not aware of what she was doing) killed him with a kitchen knife.

She ran away from home and left her town. She met up with a vampire (not knowing what he was) and actually lived with him for about two weeks before he finally gave in to instinct and nearly killed her. Instead, he turned her. She only remained with him for three years before she left. She has spent the majority of her vampire life running a "business". People, mainly Aro, will 'hire' her to track someone down and torture them with her ability, which she very much enjoys doing. Right now she has been hired to find Alec and Saoirse and any other rebels she can find.

Roleplay History:Edit

She found Alec and Saoirse, which led to their capture, and tortured them both in the dungeons of Volterra, using various instruments such as whips and knives coated in Child of the Moon venom. She also carved the word "SLUT" into Saoirse's face.

She participated in Aro's plan to make Alec believe Saoirse was dead.

Cecily was killed by Maggie during the burning of Volterra.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She's small, with long heavy black hair that hangs straight down her back, and the typical crimson eyes of a vampire. She has scars on her throat and face.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She is sadistic and loves to torment others for her own amusement. She is also very creative in the methods she uses.



She is not his friend; nor is she even loyal to him. She has a business relationship with Aro. He contacts her and pays her to find people and bring them back to Volterra to torment them and eventually kill them.

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