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Early LifeEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

For a human, Avery is considered to be very beautiful, with features lovely enough that they catch the attention of even the most powerful of vampires. She has a slender face with a narrow chin, defined cheek bones, and full lips that have a natural pink tint to them. Her Asian/Middle Eastern Heritage allows for her skin to have a faint tan to it at all times, and this helps to bring attention to her dark hair. Her eyes are almost catlike in the angularity, and her irises are hazel/green. She is eighteen years old, and she stands at about 5'8".

Personality and TraitsEdit

Avery's personality have many different levels and facets, due to the type of people that she associates with on a day to day basis. She can be silky and seductive in the presence of Aro, or demure and respectful among any of the other guards, or playful and flirtatious around her sister or other humans. In general, she is very level-headed, responsible, and protective of those that she cares for. She takes the blame for any of her wrongdoings, and she does what she can to put everything right. 



As twins, she and Asami are very close to one another, and their bond has only grown stronger during their time in Volterra together. She relies on her sister to be the listener and comfortor during times when she loses hope. 


Though the child brought her a great deal of pain in the month that she carried her, she came to love her unconditionally, despite the fact that they never had the chance to meet in person. Her last words were the whispering of her daughter's name to Aro. 


Aro is her employer, and nothing more than that. Though she may wish that he cared for her more than just a tool, she understands the state of their relationship. 

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